Discovering the traits of personality dates back to over four and a half thousand years ago. The first observations of human personality and traits of character connected to it were made by magicians of ancient Mesopotamia. These observations enabled not only learning about personality, but also determining the way of creative change and releasing positive traits of character that very often remained hidden. First personality tests were based on an interconnected system of nine types inscribed into a symbol of a swan spurting to fly. In Europe, discovering the traits of character and their influence on the future reaches back to the times of ancient Greece and is connected to the discoveries of great mathematicians, with Pythagoras at the head, who, while visiting Babylon, became acquainted with the secret of ongoing revival of a person.

   The system of testing personality assumes that every person belongs to a particular type throughout his entire life although, there are ways enabling creative transformation of one’s personality type by developing the positive traits and neutralizing those that may have a negative impact on one’s life.

   Everyone possesses the capabilities of each personality type, but is most strongly connected to his or her own type. The system of analyzing a person’s personality presented here, assumes that there are nine basic types of personality divided into three triads:


 • Guardian
 • Conqueror
 • Individualist

 • Observer
 • Guard
 • Enthusiast

 • Leader
 • Mediator
 • Perfectionist

The types presented above include only the basic characteristics of conduct and philosophy of life. More detailed information concerning particular types is available only after completing the PERSONALITY TEST.

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